Indian women farmers protest


In 2006 we campaigned with the Global Women's Strike to save the land of one of our members in the US, a subsistence farmer, against 'developers'. Ever since we have spoken out against industrial agriculture that impoverishes and poisons land, waters, farmworkers, farmers, communities.

With the Global Women's Strike, we are publicising women's natural farming and supported the victorious one-year long protest of Indian farmers against their impoverishment and multinationals' control of the land.

We also support the GWS's demand and perspective of a Care Income for People and Planet by attacking the military as one of the main polluter and destroyer of the environment.

Protecting the land

Dean speech on agriculture

Listen to Dean Kendall, subsistence farmer & member of Payday: 'Last year over half of US farmers had farm income below zero.  Most are trapped in a corporate-driven system of chemicalized industrial farming designed to extract and pocket every last bit of profit from our work. A Care Income could also support farmers transitioning off the chemical farming treadmill into the urgently needed regenerative work that can pull our planet back from the brink.'

Indian workers celebrate victory

With the Global Women's Strike and Women of Colour GWS, Payday has supported the Indian farm workers whose struggles brought the repeal of the hated Farm Laws in India in 2021. Millions celebrated this historic victory internationally. This is crucial to subsistence farmers everywhere, often women, who feed families and communities and have been opposing government-backed takeovers of agriculture by multinationals for the industrial farming of cash crops.

Defund military pollution

Soldiers guard Oil installation

We are campaigning against the military, one of the worst polluters on Earth, its carbon and other pollution excluded from international agreements, and its destructive impact on people and planet concealed. The military pollutes and protects other polluting industries - from oil to big pharma. No money for welfare or nurses’ pay, but nearly £2 billion for each of eight UK Trident submarines. Invest in Caring, Not Killing!