Prisoner Marroon


Especially since 2008, Payday has supported many collective and individual campaigns by prisoners. We have joined with many organisations to oppose death penalty, miscarriage of justice (including Joint Enterprise), prison conditions, prisoners economic exploitation (often working at $1/day) and above all solitary confinement a policy used to punish rebellious inmates.

Women – partners, mothers, sisters, daughters of prisoners – have been the most resolute campaigners against prison injustices, always supporting their loved ones inside. We therefore have constantly worked with women and women’s organisations in those campaigns. And whenever we could, we have campaigned internationally, opposing the prison systems in the US, the UK and elsewhere.

With organisations in Global Women Against Deportations, we have campaigned to close immigration detention centres.

5 prisoners fighting for justice
Protest at Yarls Wood

The 2013 prisoners strike against solitary confinement in the US

1 December 2015
Support to prisoners on strike

By Payday men’s network

On 8 July 2013, 30,000 prisoners across California stopped eating and went on work strike to end long-term solitary confinement… and won two years later!

Supporting Prisoners: Reverend Edward Pinkney

1 December 2015
Rev Pinkney and wife

By Payday men’s network

In 2014, Reverend Edward Pinkney, grassroots leader of the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization (BANCO) was jailed, accused of altering a recall petition against the Benton Harbor Mayor who was supporting tax evasion.

Close immigration detention centres

15 June 2015

By Payday men’s network

For decades, we have campaigned to close down immigration detention centres and opposed the unjust and racist imprisonment of people who have committed no crime.

Connecting the movements against war & against prisons

17 March 2012
Eric Gjertsen

By Eric Gjertsen, Payday men’s network

A speech on Anti-capitalism Behind Bars workshop at the Left Forum.

Supporting Prisoners: Troy Davis

22 September 2011
Troy Davis & sister Martina

By Payday men’s network

Troy Davis was executed in 2011 in the US, but became an international cause célèbre against the death penalty.