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The military, one of the worst polluters on Earth, its carbon and other pollution excluded from international agreement. Arguments abound over welfare spending and nurses’ pay, but there is virtually no opposition to the nearly £2 billion cost for each of eight Trident submarines.

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Industrial agriculture is the main thief

Speech by Dean Kendall, subsistence farmer and member of Payday, 13 June 2020

By subsistence farmer I just mean I grow for own use, letting me scrape by on a pittance of social security and meager wages from odd jobs. I don’t make an income from the farming.

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A trade-unionist, Payday member, speaks on the Care income

Sam Weinstein, Payday men’s network We would like you to see Sam Weinstein’s speech on work and the Care Income at the Care Income Now! Webinar (3 Apr 2020).  Sam is a trade unionist and a member of Payday (his speech is at 30m 10s); the text is below. And please endorse (as an individual…

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