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Against Rape

Since Payday was founded, we have worked with Women Against Rape (WAR), a grassroots multi-racial women’s group founded in 1976, based at the Crossroads Women’s Centre in London.

We have campaigned against sexual violence of all types and called on men to refuse to cover for other men who rape. We publicised the outrageous suspended sentence given to a rapist soldier (1977 ), supported rape in marriage becoming a crime (1991), highlighted that ‘no means no’, that consent is the issue (1999), and opposed the military training and protecting rapists (2006).

While rape is committed overwhelmingly by men against women (including trans women) and children, we also campaign against the persecution and sexual assault of people of other genders. With Queer Strike, we have denounced attacks against trans people.

Men speaking against rape

Opposing rape in/by the military

4 July 2020

By Payday men’s network

With Women Against Rape and Black Women Rape Action Project, we spoke out against rape in and out of the military, and supported the victims whatever the gender.

Trans prisoner Tara Hudson

Trans prisoners – some facts

16 October 2016

By Queer Strike & Payday

Discrimination against trans people make them at risk of economic insecurity. The violence they suffer in prisons is a continuation of trans people’s civilian life.

statement to demand defunding the military

Refusing to Rape (2006)

8 March 2006

By Payday

We highlight how the military train men to rape and protect them afterwards. Supporting refuseniks also includes protecting those who refuse to rape. In demanding to “redirect military budgets to carers,” we stenghten women’s economic power to refuse rape.

Am I a potential rapist

What are you doing? (1999)

16 September 1999

By Payday

In a letter to the press we argue that all men are potential rapists, and that we need to keep ourselves in check.

women economic independence and rape

Men Against Rape in Marriage (1991)

18 June 1991

By Payday

In this statement, we denounce men who are rapists – including in marriage – and support women’s financial power as a condition to end rape.

Men Speak Out Against Rape (1977)

5 August 1977

By Payday

We opposed the suspended sentence given to convicted rapist Guardsman Holdsworth because of ‘his good behaviour as a soldier’. As Women Against Rape said: ‘the State uphold men’s power over us in order to uphold their own power over everyone.’