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Payday continues to support many collective and individual campaigns by prisoners. We have joined with Legal Action for Women (LAW) and other organisations (run overwhelmingly by women) to oppose the death penaltymiscarriages of justice (including Joint Enterprise), prison conditions, prisoners' economic exploitation and slavery and above all the cruel and inhumane use of solitary confinement - a policy used to punish rebellious inmates.

Prisoners in the US and UK are disproportionately people of colour coming from poor communities where they have suffered racism and discrimination even before those of us who are not white face the racism of the criminal justice systems.

It is generally recognized that the vast majority of women in prison have committed crimes of poverty often in an effort to feed their children. Mothers in prison face the extra excruciating punishment of separation from their kids who they have spent their lives protecting.

And women – partners, mothers, sisters, daughters of prisoners – have been the most resolute campaigners against prison injustices, always supporting their loved ones inside. Whenever we could, we have campaigned internationally, opposing the prison systems in the US, the UK and elsewhere.

With organisations in Global Women Against Deportations, we have campaigned to close immigration detention centres everywhere.

5 prisoners fighting for justice
Protest at Yarls Wood

More than 10 days of hunger strike at a detention center for migrants in the US

25 March 2024
death at North west detention center

By Carlos Soledad, El Salto

229 immigrants detained inside the Northwest Detention Centre in Tacoma, Washington, continue their hunger strike in response to the death of Trinidadian Charles Leo Daniel for unknown reasons.

Support Hunger Strike at the North West Detention Centre, Tacoma, US

21 March 2024

By Global Women Against Deportations & Payday

Please support the hunger strike inside and outside the detention centre, protesting the death of Mr Charles Leo Daniel, in solitary for almost 4 years, and against detention conditions.

Help! Leonard Peltier needs medical transfer

5 March 2024
Leonard Peltier

By Leonard Peltier Official Ad Hoc Committee

Imprisoned Indigenous elder Leonard Peltier is in urgent need of medical care.  Peltier was falsely convicted and imprisoned and has been kept there as revenge for his community daring to resist.  He has withstood decades of torture in US prisons, taking a terrible toll on him physically.

Support Hunger Strikers & Rashid Johnson at Red Onion State Prison, USA

23 January 2024
Rashid Johnson

By Oakland Abolition & Solidarity

Since December 26, 2023, up to 30 prisoners in solitary confinement at Virginia’s Red Onion State Prison have been on hunger strike to protest the continued use of torturous long-term solitary confinement. 

Victory for Keith Lamar – his execution moved to January 2027

30 July 2023
Death row prisoner Keith Lamar

By Keith Lamar on death row

The governor has issued a reprieve, meaning that the projected execution date has been moved to January 13th, 2027. Let’s keep moving forward everybody. Let’s keep demanding justice.

Gathered to Mark Anniversary of Historic Prison Hunger Strike, Advocates Vow to End Solitary Confinement in California

17 July 2023
drawing agreement to end hostilities

By Yen-Tung Lin and Luke Baltay –

On July 8 and 9 2023, solitary survivors, their families, activists, and scholars gathered to mark the tenth anniversary of the 2013 hunger strike in the Pelican Bay State Prison, which became the largest prison hunger strike ever held in the United States. 

Victory – Kevan Thakrar to be allowed to mix with another inmate

15 July 2023
Protest Ministry of Justice

By Supporters of Kevan Thakrar

Kevan Thakrar was told by the prison that he would be allow to mix with one other inmate, thus breaking his ongoing segregation. An important victory. Read Kevan’s supporters’ press release.

Kevan Thakrar challenges torture in HMP Full Sutton and Belmarsh

22 April 2023
Kevan Thakrar in Court

By Supporters of Kevan Thakrar

On 25 and 26 April 2023, Kevan Thakrar, a young Muslim man, is bringing a legal challenge in the High Court against his prolonged and indefinite solitary confinement in prison segregation.