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Since 2003, when the war in Iraq broke out, Payday has organized or joined a number of international campaigns working with some organisations in the Global Women's Strike (GWS) to support soldiers and conscientious objectors who refuse to fight or men and women who refuse conscription.

We have supported individual campaigns in many countries including Turkey, Greece, Israel the US and the UK. These campaigns were almost always led by women - partners, mothers, sisters, relatives. For many years, with Queer Strike, we joined an international and successful campaign to free Chelsea Manning, a transexual army analyst who leaked thousands of classified military files to Wikileaks.

We have also worked to defeat legislations that punish refuseniks or that exonerate war crimes. We have also opposed rape within the military and military families as well as the mistreatment of soldiers and veterans.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on our support to past campaigns by & with refuseniks, visit www.refusingtokill.net, our former website.  For an overview, watch our 2005 video Refusing to Kill - Refuseniks around the world speak out

Refuseniks of the world

Release Tal Mitnick! Our letter to the Israeli Defence minister

16 February 2024

By Payday

Tal Mitnick has been imprisoned for his refusal to participate in genocide against the Palestinian people. We therefore urge you to release Mr Mitnick, recognise his conscientious objection and stop punishing him for refusing to join the IDF.

Feltre, Italy: March against the genocide in Palestine

11 February 2024
Protest in Feltre, Italy

By Palestinian and anti genocide organisations in Italy

On 11 February 2024, there was a demonstration in Feltre, a 22,000 people small town in North East Italy. 400 people marched under the driving rain with the banner from Palestinian Community that reads: “The last day of the occupation will be the first day of freedom”.

London protest support refuser Tal Mitnick

27 January 2024
supportint Tal Mitnick

By Payday

Payday joined the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network’s weekly picket at the Israeli ambassador’s residence in London. We publicised the campaign of support of Israeli refuser Tal Mitnick initiated by War Resisters International. Send a message to him!

Israel – Support conscientious objector Tal Mitnick imprisoned again

23 January 2024
Tal Mitnick Conscientious objector

By War Resisters International

Tal Mitnick was first imprisoned for 30 days on 26 December 2023, becoming the first Israeli conscientious objector imprisoned for their refusal to serve in the army since the start of the war in Gaza. On 23 January 2024, he was detained again.

Israeli critic Meir Baruchin reinstated

16 January 2024
Meir Barucin

By Payday

Israeli critic Meir Baruchin reinstated after he was sacked and detained for posts on social media criticising the military and the occupation. A defeat for the Israeli state who wanted to make an example of him.

Israeli refusers Atalya Ben Aba and Sofia Orr speak out

6 January 2024
Refuser Sofia Orr

By Payday

Atalya Ben Abab spoke of her refusal after 4 months in jail. Sofia Orr’s refusal to be part of the IDF was broadcasted on Al Jazeera on 30 December 2023. She has received death threats and rape threats for her position. We must defend her.

London action to support refuseniks in Belarus, Israel, Russia, Ukraine & worldwide!

13 December 2023

By Payday

Connecting refuseniks in Israel with refuseniks in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, part of the week of action of the #ObjectWarCampaign

Ceasefire Now! From Ukraine to Palestine Support refuseniks in Belarus, Israel, Russia, Ukraine & worldwide!

7 December 2023
Support refuseniks in Ukraine and Palestine

By Payday

The protest will highlight the #ObjectWarCampaign’s demands for asylum and protection to conscientious objectors and deserters from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and our support to refusers from Israel who oppose occupation, apartheid and genocide.