Payday works with Global Women Against Deportations (GWAD) against deportation, detention and other attacks on immigrants. We support the international demands of undocumented immigrants for Papers for All. Increasingly, war, poverty and devastation of the soil and water brought on by the Global North have led to mass immigration in the Global South. And as the All African Women’s Group says: We have every right to be here because Britain has stolen us so much wealth from Africa and the Global South over centuries.”

In 1996, Payday and Women of Colour Global Women’s Strike (WoC GWS)* met with undocumented immigrants in France who had started to call themselves ‘Sans-Papiers’ (people without papers). They had put forward a demand and a perspective to bring together all immigrants regardless of their immigration status or countries of origin. The movement for ‘Papers for all’ was born.

Since, many Sans-Papiers collectives have formed in France and elsewhere, and this demand has spread in many countries, under different designations – Papers for all, Regularization, Status for all, Right to be here – but with the same aspiration to unite all immigrants and win the same rights as the nationals of the country they live. In 2020, we endorse a Manifesto signed by over 280 organisations in 20 countries demanding ‘immediate, permanent and unconditional regularization for all migrants and refugees’.

*formerly Black Women for Wages for Housework

Papers for all in many countries
Protest & information in front of Immigration reporting centre, Eaton House , London

Scrap the Rwanda Plan

2 May 2024

By Payday

The Rwanda Plan is far from a done deal. Immigrant people and asylum seekers, including from the All African Women’s Group, based at our Centre, will continue to resist their own deportation and spearhead campaigns to stop this cruel Plan.

migrants demand papers in Canada

CANADA – Support regularisation of ALL undocumented migrants

16 April 2024

By GWAD & Payday

Ever since the Canadian government promised a programme of regularisation for undocumented migrants in 2021, the movement of migrants and supporters has not stopped to press them to fulfil this promise. “We are close to winning, we need you to join us. Tell the government to “Leave no one behind.”

Spain Sans Papiers protest

Bill to regularize 500,000 migrants in Spain, admitted to Congress with votes of Junts and ERC

11 April 2024

By Marti Odriozola i Marcé (El Nacional)

In Spain, following a Popular Legislative Initiative, Congrès has agreed to regularise up to 500,000 undocumented migrants. RegularizacionYa led a campaign that involved 700,000 signatories and 900 organisations supporting the demand for #PapelesParaTodos (Papers for all).

death at North west detention center

More than 10 days of hunger strike at a detention center for migrants in the US

25 March 2024

By Carlos Soledad, El Salto

229 immigrants detained inside the Northwest Detention Centre in Tacoma, Washington, continue their hunger strike in response to the death of Trinidadian Charles Leo Daniel for unknown reasons.

Support Hunger Strike at the North West Detention Centre, Tacoma, US

21 March 2024

By Global Women Against Deportations & Payday

Please support the hunger strike inside and outside the detention centre, protesting the death of Mr Charles Leo Daniel, in solitary for almost 4 years, and against detention conditions.

Paris homeless Sans-Papiers

Victory in Paris – Homeless minors, many Sans-Papiers, win shelter

13 February 2024

By The Belleville Park Youth Collective &
Paris 20th Collective in solidarity with all migrants

Thanks to unaccompanied minors in Belleville Park, helped by supporters, residents, high school and university students and organisations, 177 young people who were previously sleeping rough are now being housed!

Actions around International Day of Migrants – 18 December 2023

16 December 2023

By various organisations in PapersForAll network

Organisations in the international #PapersForAll network which supports regularisation of all migrants are organising actions around International Day of Migrants on 18 December 2023. Please share widely.

No borders badge

Why the No Borders movement cannot remain silent about Palestine!

3 November 2023

By No Borders groups in Germany

In a time where it has become illegal in Germany to say “Free Palestine” and solidarity demos have been banned, it is essential for the No Borders movement to speak up, not just against some forms of racism, but against all racism!

migrants in greece

Greece and France – Victories for the Papers for All movement

26 September 2023

Financial Times article & Marche des Solidarités release

While the Greek government has announced its intention to regularise 300,000 Sans-Papiers, Sans-Papiers strikers working on one of the Olympic Games building site in France have won their regularisation.

Protest London 15-9-23 for immigrants

Action at Canadian embassy, London UK Regularize all undocumented migrants

13 September 2023

By Global Women Against Deportations & Payday

On Friday 15 September, join us for an action at the Canadian embassy in London. We will deliver undocumented migrants’ message. Canada: Regularise Now!