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Payday is part of the Care Income Now! Campaign initiated by the Global Women’s Strike (GWS). While the vast majority of carers are women, both in the home and as paid carers for strangers, all who do that work, whatever the gender, must have a wage for it. We demand a Care Income to pay for the work of caring for people and planet (see Caring for the Planet). Overwhelmingly men are either ‘unemployed’ (a reserve army of labour) or locked into jobs that pollute, destroy, police or maim both the worker and her/his community including his own family. We don’t know what work is really necessary. The military is not. We know that care work is, and a Care Income is both a recognition of the work done overwhelmingly by women, and an invitation to men to do that work.

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Women and men doing caring
Children want Child Tax Credit

Campaign to make the Child Tax Credit permanent 

30 January 2022

By Payday

In 2021, Payday joined the Global Women’s Strike and others’ campaign to make the CTC permanent and for the money to be paid directly to mothers or other primary caregivers.

Sam Weinstein speaks on Care income

A trade-unionist, Payday member, speaks on the Care income

3 April 2020

By Sam Weinstein, Payday men’s network

We don’t know what work is really necessary. The military is not. We know that care work is, and a care income is an invitation to do that work – and the beginning of finding out about all the rest … Pay the women properly and the men will come.

Eric Speaks on Caring for disabled mother in law

Caring for his partner’s disabled mother 

14 November 2015

By Eric Gjersten, Payday

Eric Gjertsen from Payday speaks about his experience of caring for his partner’s disabled mother and the need to recognise the vital work of caring at the International Women’s Conference, CARING, SURVIVAL & JUSTICE vs. THE TYRANNY OF THE MARKET in 2015.