Payday is an international network of men which campaigns with the Global Women’s Strike (hereinafter ‘Strike’). We are based in London, UK and Philadelphia, US, but work with men in other countries as well, including Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Scotland, Turkey,...

We are from many walks of life, waged and unwaged, urban and rural, fathers, carers, immigrants, gay, bisexual, trans and straight, of different races, ages, members of community organizations and trade unions. Like the Strike, we are independent of political parties.

Refusing to kill meeting

We organise on the basis of the Strike’s central demand: that society Invest in Caring, Not Killing, including by providing a Care Income “for all those, of every gender, doing the work of caring for people, the urban and rural environment, and the natural world.” – for starters by redirecting the money now spent on corporate subsidies and military budgets.

All our organising is done in close consultation with women from the Strike to ensure that we do not ignore or contradict women’s and children needs and demands. We have benefited greatly from the leadership provided by the Strike, whose starting point is the worker who does (most of) the caring, usually unwaged or low-waged.  Finding ways to unite with women and children, as well as other men, across all the many ways we’ve been divided, is, we believe, our biggest challenge as well as the sole path to a world in which all, both people and planet, can survive and thrive.

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