The military kill people and planet

Flyer Military kill planet

By Payday

The US military is the biggest single polluter on earth. Global military expenditures are about two trillion dollars annually. Imagine how that money could be used to repair the planet, end poverty & care for each other.

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Industrial agriculture is the main thief

Speech by Dean Kendall, subsistence farmer and member of Payday

By subsistence farmer I just mean I grow for own use, letting me scrape by on a pittance of social security and meager wages from odd jobs. I don’t make an income from the farming.

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A trade-unionist, Payday member, speaks on the Care income

Sam Weinstein speaks on Care income

By Sam Weinstein, Payday men’s network

We don’t know what work is really necessary. The military is not. We know that care work is, and a care income is an invitation to do that work – and the beginning of finding out about all the rest … Pay the women properly and the men will come.

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Protecting a Payday member’s farm from ‘developers’

By Dean Kendall, Payday men’s network

Payday men’s network along with Global Women’s Strike supported Payday member Dean Kendall’s successful 7-year fight to win protection for his late mother’s farm – the fields and woodland which nurtured him as a child and where he still resides as their caregiver.

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