Aaron Bushnell was my friend. May he never be forgotten

Aaron Bushnell

By Levi Pierpont, conscientious objector

Aaron is by no means the only United States military member who has felt complicit in the military’s violence, powerless to change anything, and stuck waiting until the end of a four- or six-year contract. There are thousands of military members similarly distraught, having thoughts of taking extreme actions to escape something that feels inescapable.

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Feltre, Italy: March against the genocide in Palestine

Protest in Feltre, Italy

By Palestinian and anti genocide organisations in Italy

On 11 February 2024, there was a demonstration in Feltre, a 22,000 people small town in North East Italy. 400 people marched under the driving rain with the banner from Palestinian Community that reads: “The last day of the occupation will be the first day of freedom”.

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