Actions around International Day of Migrants – 18 December 2023

#PapersForAll  #RegularizacionYa

Organisations in the international #PapersForAll network which supports regularisation of all migrants are organising actions around International Day of Migrants on 18 December 2023. Please share widely. Thanks!


In Argentina, the organization Campaña Nacional Migrar No Es Delito (National Campaign Migrating is not a Crime) with local organizations in Buenos Aires with representatives of different Latin American and Afro-descendant collectivities, has jointly called a political and legal training event. We will fight to defend the Migratory Law 25871, the Refugee Law, to defend the right to health, education, the right to a fair retirement, and to spread the migrant vote as a political tool. Migrants are a vital component in the Argentinian economy. We are the main producers of food, we are the ones who organize ourselves in the neighbourhoods so that a family does not lack food in their homes. We bring culture and above all our workforce in a productive age, we are the important engine.  In Argentina, a right-wing government has taken over and is applying a policy of brutal adjustment towards the entire population in general. The struggle is one, migrants and Argentinian nationals will unite to defend the rights won in Argentina.


In Canada, Solidarity Across Borders and the Migrants Workers Centre are taking action on December 18. At 10:30 am, there will be a rally in front of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office in Montreal. People with precarious status will write their own stories and drop them in his letterbox, along with a collective letter reminding him to implement the long-awaited regularization program for all. Solidarity Across Borders is a network of migrants active in Montreal since 2003. Its main demands are status for all, no to detention and double punishment, no to deportation, together to build a borderless city.


The Sans-Papiers collectives and the Marche des Solidarités: We’re repeating with the Sans-Papiers collectives: It’s the racist, anti-migration policies that put us in danger. Not immigration.  Mobilizations have already been announced in nearly 40 cities from December 15 to December 18 against Darmanin’s anti-immigrant law For the regularization of Sans-Papiers. For a society of freedom, equal rights, social justice and solidarity.


Valencia – On Sunday, December 17, different organizations of Migrant Struggle call for the *Manifestation for the International Day of Migrants*.  We march to demand the approval of the #ILPregularization, the closure of the detention centres  #CIEs, the end of deportations, justice and reparation for the massacre of #Melilla and #Tarajal, the end to hate speeches, against the #MigrationPact, for #AcogidaDignaCanarias and #PalestinaLibre.  And because this is also our earth!!!!


Global Women Against Deportations will circulate a video message on social media for International Migrants Day. All African Women’s Group is taking part in the 18 Dec #PapersforAll day of action and we are bringing our demands.  We fight together as mothers, rape survivors, lesbian and disabled women. We’ve fled war, devastation and the climate crisis. We have the right to live anywhere we chose – we have contributed to the wealth in every country with our unwaged work which everyone depends on to live. We demand an end to destitution, detention, deportation, an end to the cruel Rwanda plan. We demand the right to legal aid so we can get a fair hearing in the courts and we demand to be reunited with our precious children we left behind for safety when we fled.

In London, Payday will mark International Migrants Day by joining the weekly picket organised by the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network at Israeli ambassador’s residence on Friday 15 Dec. We will highlight the situation of the 7 million Palestinians who have been forced to migrate outside Palestine as well as the struggles of migrants in the UK and other countries against detention and deportation and for Papers for all. ’Palestinians are Migrants too!’


La Resistencia will host our monthly solidarity day outside the immigration detention center in Tacoma WA on Sunday Dec 17 at 1pm to demand Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) meet the hunger strikers demand for immediate release, end the contract with the private detention company GEO, and release all migrants immediately. In conjunction with sister organizations across the world, we join forces on International Migrant Day to demand the US government to respect international asylum laws, begin a regularization process of all immigrants’ status without requirements, and stop the interventions in other countries economies and policies that force migration in the first place