A caregivers’ delegation for Child Tax Credit

By Payday

In December 2021, we joined a caregivers’ delegation to the PPC Moral Monday action in Washington, DC to press for passage of the Build Back Better Act, in particular the continuation of the extended Child Tax Credit (CTC).

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Industrial agriculture is the main thief

Speech by Dean Kendall, subsistence farmer and member of Payday

By subsistence farmer I just mean I grow for own use, letting me scrape by on a pittance of social security and meager wages from odd jobs. I don’t make an income from the farming.

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Joining the Poor People Campaign

Poor People Campaign Logo

By Payday men’s network

The PPC brings people together in a cross-movement “fusion” coalition, against the “four evils” of systemic racism, poverty, the war economy and militarism, and ecological devastation.  Those most impacted are the voices that are front and center in the PPC.

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