Ceasefire Now! From Ukraine to Palestine Support refuseniks in Belarus, Israel, Russia, Ukraine & worldwide!

8 December 2023, 5-6 pm
Israeli Ambassador’s residence: 
58 Avenue Road, London NW8 6HT (Swiss Cottage tube)
As part of the week of action (4-10 December) called by organisations from the #ObjectWarCampaign, we will join the weekly protest against genocide in Gaza called by IJAN (the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network).   We will highlight the #ObjectWarCampaign’s demands for asylum and protection to conscientious objectors and deserters from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and renew our support to refusers from Israel who oppose  occupation, apartheid and genocide.
    Many people from Russia and Belarus, but also from Ukraine, who are threatened with military service, try to evade it: They do not want to kill other people and they do not want to die in this war. Soldiers at the front want to lay down their weapons in the face of the horror. They all face repression and imprisonment, in Belarus even the death penalty. But conscientious objection is an internationally recognized human right!ObjectWar Campaign

We demand from the governments of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine: Stop the persecution of conscientious objectors and deserters immediately!
    We demand from the EU: Open the borders! Give opponents of war the option to enter the European Union! Protect conscientious objectors and deserters and give them asylum!
Movement Conscientious Objectors Russia
Movement for conscientious objectors in Russia
Olga Karatch
Olga Karatch, Belarusian activist persecuted for supporting refuseniks
Yurii SheliazhenkoYurii Sheliazhenko, Ukrainian Pacifist Movement, under house arrest
Alexia Tsouni, from the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection, part of the #ObjectWarCampaign, says:We expressed our solidarity with the conscientious objectors in Israel and our clear position against all the violence in the conflict, indiscriminate killings and destruction. And we urged for an immediate ceasefire and negotiations to achieve a just and lasting peace in Ukraine, in Palestine, and in all the conflict areas worldwide”.


CO Ariel Davidod
I cannot take part in something that is so immoral. This is a genocide that has been going on since the beginning of Zionism
CO Ella Keidar
I don’t wish to serve an army that is enacting an occupation, an apartheid regime
CO Tal Mitnick
The army that we have in this country  is bent on the oppression of Palestinian people and I refuse to take part in that oppression
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