Payday works with Global Women Against Deportations (GWAD) against deportation, detention and other attacks on immigrants. We support the international demands of undocumented immigrants for Papers for All. Increasingly, war, poverty and devastation of the soil and water brought on by the Global North have led to mass immigration in the Global South. And as the All African Women’s Group says: We have every right to be here because Britain has stolen us so much wealth from Africa and the Global South over centuries.”

In 1996, Payday and Women of Colour Global Women’s Strike (WoC GWS)* met with undocumented immigrants in France who had started to call themselves ‘Sans-Papiers’ (people without papers). They had put forward a demand and a perspective to bring together all immigrants regardless of their immigration status or countries of origin. The movement for ‘Papers for all’ was born.

Since, many Sans-Papiers collectives have formed in France and elsewhere, and this demand has spread in many countries, under different designations – Papers for all, Regularization, Status for all, Right to be here – but with the same aspiration to unite all immigrants and win the same rights as the nationals of the country they live. In 2020, we endorse a Manifesto signed by over 280 organisations in 20 countries demanding ‘immediate, permanent and unconditional regularization for all migrants and refugees’.

*formerly Black Women for Wages for Housework

Papers for all in many countries
Immigrants protest in Canada

Support Regularization of Undocumented Migrants in Canada

10 September 2023

Global Women Against Deportations and Payday

Migrants’ movements in Canada are organising to demand regularization of undocumented migrants’ status on and around 17th September.  Read their call for action.

Madjiguène Cissé

A Tribute to Madjiguène Cissé

27 June 2023

By Women of Colour/GWS and Payday

Message from Women of Colour/Global Women’s Strike and Payday men’s network to the Paris organisers of the tribute to Madjiguène Cissé who passed away on 15 May 2023.

Justice for Undocumented wins major victory after 11 year campaign

3 December 2021

Migrants Rights Centre Ireland

Today (Friday 3rd Dec), Minister for Justice Helen McEntee officially announced a historic and life-changing scheme to regularise undocumented people in Ireland.

Women Sans-Papiers Belgium

Papers for All – An international movement

6 May 2020

By Payday men’s network

As the 2020 covid pandemic revealed how crucial was the ‘essential work’ done by immigrants, movements demanding Papers for all have risen in many countries. Since then, with Women of Colour GWS we have publicised and supported many initiatives in France, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Ireland and elsewhere.

Protest for Maru

Don’t deport Maru Mora Villalpando

1 February 2018

By Payday men’s network

Long time immigration rights activist Maru Mora Villalpando who has spearheaded the fight against the North West Detention Centre near Tacoma in the US was threatened by deportation in 2018. She won her battle thanks to an international protest.

Close immigration detention centres

15 June 2015

By Payday men’s network

For decades, we have campaigned to close down immigration detention centres and opposed the unjust and racist imprisonment of people who have committed no crime.

1996 France: a new movement for Papers for All

1 October 1996

By Payday and Women of Colour GWS

In March 1996, 300 mainly African immigrants women, children and men began to occupy various premises in Paris. For the first time, this demand brought together immigrants of all immigration status and all countries.