Lawsuit: Alabama Is Denying Prisoners Parole to Lease Their Labor to Meatpackers, McDonalds

By Kim Kelly, In These Times

Ten plaintiffs in a landmark class-action lawsuit are challenging what they and their supporters describe as an unconstitutional forced labor scheme in Alabama’s state prisons. Incarcerated workers save prisons $9+ billion a year in operational costs and earn them $2+ billion in sales of goods and services, while the prisoners make pennies per hour.

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Help! Leonard Peltier needs medical transfer

Leonard Peltier

By Leonard Peltier Official Ad Hoc Committee

Imprisoned Indigenous elder Leonard Peltier is in urgent need of medical care.  Peltier was falsely convicted and imprisoned and has been kept there as revenge for his community daring to resist.  He has withstood decades of torture in US prisons, taking a terrible toll on him physically.

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