A Tribute to Madjiguène Cissé

Madjiguène Cissé

By Women of Colour/GWS and Payday

Message from Women of Colour/Global Women’s Strike and Payday men’s network to the Paris organisers of the tribute to Madjiguène Cissé who passed away on 15 May 2023.

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The military kill people and planet

Flyer Military kill planet

By Payday

The US military is the biggest single polluter on earth. Global military expenditures are about two trillion dollars annually. Imagine how that money could be used to repair the planet, end poverty & care for each other.

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No to the Office For The Whistleblower

By Compassion in Care

Letter to the Prime Minister opposing the Bill to set up an Office for the Whistleblower and the misconduct of WhistleblowersUK, an organisation that is pressing for the Bill.

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